Invermere Beach

One of the water-accessible off-leash dog sites, Invermere Beach combines a trail with a rocky beach that offers dogs the chance for wading and swimming.

Location & Parking

Invermere Beach is in the north end of Nanaimo, off of Dover Road.  The park can be directly accessed at the end of Invermere Road.  There is very little to no parking at the trailhead, so park users are encouraged to park at nearby Groveland Park and walk 500 metres to the entrance.  Groveland Park is located on Groveland Drive, between Invermere Road and Blueback Road.

Hours & Seasons

6 AM to 11 PM


Fencing: No fencing.  Local homes line the upper part of the trail.

Water: No reliable source of water available.  There are streams of fresh water flowing into the sea at several points, but there’s no guarantee of their quality or reliability.

Pick-up Bags/Garbage Cans:

There is 1 pick-up bag dispenser and 1 garbage can at the trailhead.


There is 1 bench about halfway down the trail.




The trail is heavily treed.  The beach is not shaded, but shade is readily available.


Steep hill interspersed with stairs.  The trail itself is clear of roots and debris, but is very slippery and prone to mud in some areas, especially in wet weather.

The beach is relatively flat, but rocky and uneven.  Barnacles, shells and the occasional piece of broken glass can be hazards.

Handicapped Accessibility:

Not recommended at any point for people who have mobility issues.  Even motorized wheelchairs would have problems with the grade of the hill and the rocky terrain at the bottom.

Washroom Facilities:


Invermere Beach, Nanaimo BC, Off Leash Dog Area

Photo by Paul Jay (


Limited Beach access

The beach access that off-leash dogs are theoretically limited to is rocky and uncomfortable for many dogs and their owners.  The sandy portions of the beach are officially off-limits to off-leash dogs, but it doesn’t seem likely that dog owners will risk their dogs getting cut feet from sharp barnacles, shells and rocks when there is a clean, sandy area available.


Invermere Beach is home to eagles, otters and deer.  Locals have reported occasional conflicts between dogs and otters; not frequent, but a concern.  Eagles have been known to carry off very small dogs (think Chihuahua-sized) and, of course, deer can pose a chasing hazard for even normally obedient dogs

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